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SI112-23 english09.04.2023DG-100 - DG-400L´Hotellier rotule
SI111-23-english12.04.2023All DG single seaters with automatic elevator control connectionWrong assembly of the elevator control
SI110-23 english14.04.2023DG and LS Motor glider, alle typesSecuring of locknuts
SB 10070970-1 Service Bulletin Rev.16.04.2023LS4, LS6
109-202130.11.2021DG-100, DG-200, DG-400, DG-600M, DG-800A+B up to s/n 8-130Landing gear control handle with spring
108-202125.11.2021DG-800B and C up to s/n 8-431New Mikuni Carburettor
107-202102.02.2019DG-500 up to s/n 5E119front horizontal tailplane suspension DG-500
105-201907.05.2019all DG and LS powered sailplanesExchanging fuel lines
104-201913.02.2019DG-1000TSOLO 2350C
103-201922.01.2019AllLiFePo4 batteries
102-201817.10.2018allUse of lead-acid batteries
100-201830.04.2018DG-400 / DG-500M / DG-500MB / DG-800B / DG-808C / DG-1001MSI withdrawn
99-201701.12.2017DG-300 / DG-500 / DG-1000S / DG-1000TUse of Schroth Safety Harnesses and AD No. 2017-0225
97-201616.12.2016DG-1000MEASA AD No. 2016-0254, concerning the engine Solo 2625 02 with electronic fuel injection system
96-201604.08.2016DG-1000M/T, DG-808C, LS8-t, LS10-stTank full sensor replacement
95-201604.08.2016AllOptional installation of a capacitor when using a LX flight computer
94-201522.09.2015DG-1000SBattery selector switch, instructions
93-201531.03.2015DG-1000TIntroducing EASA Emergency AD No. 2015-052-E concerning power plant Solo 2350C
91-201425.09.2014DG-1000Installation of a cable guide for the rear tow release actuating cable
90-201406.06.2014LS-1Manuals Error concerning Landing Gear Operation
89-201406.05.2014DG-1000TService Bulletin from Solo: Engine Aixle
87-201416.03.2014DG-Double SeatersInstallation of PowerFLARM
86-201416.03.2014DG-Singel SeatersInstallation of PowerFLARM
85-201317.09.2013DG-1000TIntroduction EASA Emergency A/D: Engine
83-201309.08.2013DG-1000Airbrake Control / rod end with left hand thread
80-201322.05.2013LS8 / LS10Operation Hours Indicator
79-201302.05.2013Solo EnginesCylinder-base-gasket
78-201229.11.2012DG-500M / MBPrimer-Valve
77-201226.11.2012LS8 / LS10NOAH Security Pin
76-201204.10.2012DG-1000TInfo of SOLO-Company
75-201224.01.2012DG-500MSpindle Drive
74-201224.01.2012DG-800B/CCoolant Pump
73-201116.12.2011DG-1000TProblems starting the Engine
72-201114.12.2011allanti collision markings
71-201122.11.2011Solo-EnginesSpark Plug Connectors
69-201014.05.2010DG-800B / DG-808C / DG-505MBAdjustment of propeller after jump of drive belt
68-200828.03.08allnew Material Designations
67-200705.11.07DG-1000Foam Rubber Rings in the trim box
65-200728.06.07LS SailplanesInstallation of a Transponder,
substitued by TN G03
64-200712.06.07DG-808B-newer models, DG808C
DG-500MB, DG1000T
63-200728.03.07DG-400 / DG-800A / LAStarter Motor
62-200607.12.06DG-1000Landing Gear Lock   
61-200620.09.06DG-400 / DG-800ASpindle Drive
60-200617.05.06DG-1000Landing Gear Lock  
59-200617.05.06DG-1000Landing Gear Warning
58-200603.02.06DG-800Bgas strut of the engine
57-200508.06.05DG-1000Canopies - gas strut mechanism
56-200418.11.04DG-500 Orion / DG-500 TrainerCheck of the air brakes for aerobatic flights
54-200402.06.04allAero Tow - Important Information
allInstallation of Aerial for Transponder, 
substituted by TN G02
52-20031.10.03allGlueing Plexiglas Canopies
Repair of Aileron Pushrods
49-200212.07.02DG-800B/DG-505MBInspection of the Coolant Pump
48-200227.06.02DG-800B/DG-505MBStarter Ring Gear
42-200121.02.01DG-800Solarpanel on the Fuselage
39-1999 23.11.99DG-400Front spar plug connector
34-199931.01.1999DG-505MBTrim ballast for Flights with the engine removed
32-1998 30.10.98all Types with ELTInstallation
21-1997 02.07.97DG-800Bunleaded Fuel
20-1997 04.06.97all MotorglidersSquelch-Sensitivity
15-1996 12.11.96DG-600, DG-800Fairing Replacement
14-1996 31.05.96DG-500MRadio Noise Problem
12-1996 04.01.96alle ModelsUndercarriage Gas Strut
12-1995 March 2018DG-800A, LA, DG-800B, DG-808C,
all serial numbers
Trim ballast in fuselage tail
10-1995 18.01.95all ModelsGelcoat Cracks
09-1995 16.01.95DG-300Hotellier-Connectors Ailerons
08-1994 15.03.94DG-100 - first modelsAirbrake Levers
07-1994 15.03.94DG-100 - first modelsWater Bags
06-1993 23.09.93DG-400, DG-500MDucati Electronic Ignition Boxes
05-1993 04.06.93DG-100, 200, 300, 400Securing Wire
04-1992 30.11.92DG-100, 200, 400Hotellier-Connectors 
02-1992 20.03.92all MotorglidersEngine Test Run
01-1992 06.04.92Single Seater until 92Parallelogram Control
01-1991 01.01.91DG-100, 200, 300, 400 Landing Gear Control Lock