JSDG Production GmbH – Partner for the future


The company JSDG GmbH acts as the manufacturing company for all DG products. The official approval is expected by 31.3.24.
We are proud to have a new partner at our side, with whom we can ensure the production of new aircraft for the future.

JSDG – manufacturing company of the future
The new manufacturing company JSDG GmbH has evolved from the two companies DG Aviation GmbH and Jonker Sailplanes LTD.

The aim of this strategic partnership is to manufacture, further develop and redesign sailplanes with concentrated know-how. A highly competent team of specialists and engineers will be dedicated to the new construction of new sailplanes.


For further questions or inquiries please contact:


JSDG PRoduction GmbH

Otto-Lilienthal-Weg 2

D-76646 Bruchsal/Germany


Ilka Elster-Back
Katrin Senne

Comercial register number: 747439

Local Court: 68159 Mannheim

Phone: +49 (0) 7251 / 3020-0

E-Mail: info@dg-aviation.de