TOGETHER INTO THE FUTURE The common vision of the recently established cooperation agreement is to offer outstanding glider service and maintenance possibilities closer to the customer. JS’s EASA type certificate holder, M&D Flugzeugbau, is stocking a wide range of spares for JS products. Additionally, DG Aviation's spare parts shop will now also stock common JS spare parts to elevate...

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We say NO to war

Since February 24, the world is a different place! A situation that causes horror not only among the Ukrainian population, but all over the world. Stop this madness and let us live together in peace. Our thoughts are with all those affected in Ukraine!    

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DG-300 und LS1-c/-d go neo!

We are pleased to be able to offer our neo-winglets for the DG-300 and LS1-c/-d.  Enclosed we have compiled option offers, which you can simply sign if you are interested, to pre-order a set of neo-winglets for your glider.  Optionsangebot Winglets DG 300 Englisch Optionsangebot Winglets LS1 C D Englisch If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service...

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