Service Info 2021-109 – Landing Gear Control Handle With Spring

We published Service Info 2021-109 for the following aircraft: DG-100, DG-200, DG-400, DG-600M, DG-800 A +B up to ser.No. 8-130 Note: This retrofit is approved for DG-300 with TN359/22. Note: From DG-800B ser.No. 8-131 on the spring is standard. To facilitate the locking of the landing gear in extended position a torsion spring which rotates the handle into the lock will be installed instead...

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Corona Regulations for visitors

From now on, customers need to show either their vaccination certificate or a proof that they recovered from Corona when entering the DG facilities. In addition we do not accept large visitor groups any more. Please consider picking-up or dropping your glider at DG alone.

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Dynamic Balancing

In the last few months we have developed a method to dynamically balance propellers in their installed state. The aim is to further reduce the negative influence of vibrations of various frequencies on the engine and the airframe. As a result, the service life of the parts on the power unit increases and the maintenance effort is reduced. Even if relevant components are statically balanced as...

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