EASA – Info on AD 2022-0230

EASA - Info on AD 2022-0230 On 28.11.2022 an AD with the number 2022-0230 was published by EASA. In addition to this AD, it should be said that it does not apply to all serial numbers of the above-mentioned series (LS4, LS4-a, LS6, LS6-a and LS6-b). But it only affects the aircraft with the conversion from L ́Hotelier to SKB connection. (According to STC by Ingenieurbüro Calsbach with EASA...

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2022 – a successful competition year for LS and DG pilots

The Junior World Championships in early August in Tabor (Czech Republic) was certainly one of the highlights for the young pilots this year. LS pilots from all over the world could place very well in the club class. The LS pilots were able to celebrate a great result in the standard class. Place 2 - 6 all went to LS8 pilots. And that was not all. In the whole starting field other LS8 pilots...

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Safety first!

The tragic and unfortunately fatal accident involving a DG-800 B at the regional championships at the Sion airfield last May was recently the subject of an interim report published by the Swiss Safety Investigation Service (SUST) recently published an interim report. During the examination of the destroyed glider, it was noticed that at least two lock nuts in the primary control system were...

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