A towbar for the DG-1001M

Of course, while testing the DG-1001M, we had to taxi it a lot – rigging or disassembling the glider, inside the hangar or out on the airfield.

We realized that a towbar, like the one we all know from our powered colleagues, would have many advantages. In combination with the wheel under their wings the DG-1001M’s and DG-800’s steerable tail wheels are almost perfectly designed to apply such a towbar.

Thanks to Roland Wolf, who works with our jig department, a towbar was developed, which now facilitates taxiing the sailplane. Our flagship may easily be maneuvered by just one person. You can divide the bar in two parts to make transport easy. After placing the fuselage in the trailer one part may stay with the tail wheel. The bar also prevents the tail wheel from turning when pulling the fuselage out of the trailer – handling becomes easier and more comfortable. The handle part of the towbar may simply be stored in the front of the trailer.

We are from now on offering our towbar optionally for all DG-1001M und DG-800 customers.