All technical notes, manual pages and TN-AD overviews can be downloaded from our website.

For TN DG-SS-09, TN 500/17, TN 800/50 and TN 1000/50, EASA published a provisional Airworthiness Directive (PAD 24-044). This PAD can now be commented, and the commenting phase ends on May 13 2024. Then it will take about one to two weeks until the final AD will have its effective date, which will then be around the end of May. The three-month period as mentioned in the technical note starts from that date. However, after the inspection has been performed, the parts must be replaced before the next flight if the result of the inspection demands this. We recommend to use the periods mentioned in the AD instead of checking immediately. As soon as the AD has been published and the effective date of the AD is known, we will probably revise the TN, to include the exact AD dates.

For all of the following variants, the rod end (the welded part) needs to be replaced:

DG-100G, DG-100G ELAN, DG-200, DG-200/17, DG-200/17 C, DG-300, DG-300 ELAN, DG-300 Club ELAN, DG-300 ELAN ACRO, DG-300 Club ELAN ACRO und DG-400

For all of the following variants, the automatic elevator control hookup must be checked and only if the check it is evident the sailplane flew with an overtightened play adjustment bolt, the rod end (the welded part) must be replaced.

DG-600, DG-600/18, DG-600M, DG-600-18 M, DG-500/22 ELAN, DG-500 ELAN Trainer, DG-500/20 ELAN, DG-500 ELAN ORION, DG-500 M, DG-500 MB, DG-800 A, DG-800 B, DG-808C, DG-800 LA, DG-800 S, DG-808 S, DG-1000S, DG-1000T, DG-1000M and DG-1001E.

We recommend adhering to this system instead of ordering any additional spare parts. We have placed parallel parts orders at three of our rod end suppliers and will order more as needed accordingly. Therefor in case of DG-100 – DG-400 it is of great importance we receive your orders as soon as possible.

The brass roller in the system only needs to be replaced if its circumference is no longer a perfect circle or if it has excessive free play on the rod end.

To order spare parts with DG Aviation, a service contract is needed. We cannot make exemptions for this AD.

For maintenance companies or individual inspectors, a special tool (W 075) can be purchased, which allows the checking of the play adjusment for all DG variants, without disassembling the rod end. Please contact our spare parts department to obtain this tool.