The popular LS8 was refined with a FES system and is now sold as LS8-e neo. Our prototype was tested by many different pilots during the last 12 months. Based on customer feedback we took the chance to make some improvements for serial production.

Modification overview:

  • A nose-hook is available on demand and allows a comfortable aero-tow with improved directional stability
  • The nose spar which holds the motor was modified to get more space in the legroom. Now every serial LS8-e neo has the same cockpit dimensions as a LS8 in sailplane configuration.
  • The battery cover can now be opened and closed easily without tools
  • a new propeller-stop software allows easy stop and positioning of the propeller and is also working reliable under low RPMs
  • We modified the air flow inside the vent system. The ventilation system is very silent now.

Serial production is about to start shortly. Questions about the aircraft as well as inquiries may be directed to our Sales Director Stefan Göldner or to one of our local dealers.

We also successfully converted a LS8-th with a defective engine into a LS8-e. We can offer to do this for other aircraft that have an engine or engine preparation as well. Questions regarding such retrofit maybe directed to Sebastian Tschorn  or Dirk Ströbl.