The newly founded DG Aviation GmbH under the management of Holger Back and Sebastian Tschorn will take over the business areas Service & Maintenance, Sales of new aircraft as well as the development department in future. DG Flugzeugbau GmbH with its EASA Production Organisation will continue the manufacture of sailplanes and motor-gliders on behalf of DG Aviation under the new owner, Volocopter GmbH.

As a certified maintenance (Part-CAO) and design organization (DOA), DG Aviation GmbH will primarily service gliders and motor-gliders as well as ELA-1 aircraft. The extensive knowledge in the field of maintenance and repairs is not limited to DG and LS aircraft.

“We have been able to significantly expand the maintenance business in recent years and have a good reputation for our excellent work across all brands. Quality at the highest level – this is what DG stands for in the area of service and maintenance. We want to be a competent partner for aircraft owners of all brands,” says Sebastian Tschorn, Head of Maintenance.

Overview on our current services:

– Maintenance and repair of sailplanes, motor-gliders and ELA-1 aircraft of all brands

– Airworthiness inspections

– Propulsion systems: 2-stroke / 4-stroke / electric / jet

– Basic overhauls / repainting

– Modifications in structure (e.g. winglets) and avionics

– Repair of 2-stroke engines

– Inspection of avionics incl. transponders and ELTs

– Lifetime extensions


Holger Back, CEO: “Our customers will not notice anything from the new division. The operational business will remain fully intact so that no major changes will be perceived externally.”

Sales and delivery of new aircraft will be handled by DG Aviation GmbH through sales manager Stefan Göldner. Production of the aircraft is ensured through work contracts with DG Flugzeugbau GmbH. For customers who have currently ordered an aircraft from DG or who decide to purchase a new aircraft from DG, all services can be guaranteed unchanged.

Within the DG Aviation Design Organization (DOA according to Part-21J), current projects will be completed first.

Jelmer Wassenaar, Head of Development: “Certification of the LS8e neo as well as the neo winglets for the LS6-b and LS7 is imminent. After that, the focus will be on certification of the DG1001e neo including its new 20m wingtips.”

There is no lack of ideas for new projects at DG at the moment. One of the next steps is the development of neo winglets for the popular DG-300. Also a TN for the instrument panel of the LS4 and LS4-a is being worked on to simplify the installation of new avionics and to make the cockpit more modern.

The type support and also the spare parts supply for all DG and LS aircraft will be taken over by DG Aviation and is secured for the long term.

Holger Back, CEO: “The provisions of the support contract for aircraft built by Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau and Glaser-Dirks Flugzeugbau remain unchanged. A change in the terms or an extension of the contract to other aircraft will not take place.”

The changes in the business units will come into effect in the course of late summer, once all approvals have been received from the LBA. DG Aviation has thus set the course for a successful future.

Sebastian Tschorn, Head of Maintenance: “We want to expand our traditional business and put ourselves in a position to deliver the best possible solution for our customers.”