Dear Customer and Owner DG1000T

With our letter from 13.04.2015 we have informed you about the planned activities related to the problems of the propeller shaft.

The test series then described in the new configuration with the damper element and the modified wave to the drive system of the DG-1000T is now running for some time.

Equipped with extensive measuring sensors and measuring instruments of the company Real Test most of the required hours of operation have been completed successfully.

However, it was necessary to solve new problems.

Due to the change of the vibration behaviour the very soft mount rubbers on the engine had to be stiffened. This led to further investigations and tests and therefore unfortunately to delays.

Additional tests will show if the mount rubbers may have to be modified once more.

We are still confident to complete the required extensive series of tests in the next 2-3 weeks.

The motor ‘hums’ many hours a day.

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