The opening ceremony for our new factory

How come a description of a company party is on this web site?
Surly that’s no business of anybody else!  Or perhaps it is?  It may well be a factor influencing the quality of our product to know what kind atmosphere is prevalent in our new factory.  Why not try to achieve a definite factory climate in which the work is fun?
In any case it was a wonderful party on the 21st of December, 2000, in our new factory. 160 people came to the combination of cornerstone laying, topping out, opening,  and Christmas celebration. The room for the largest forms was decorated by our troupe of volunteers and included a Christmas tree which was later planted in the courtyard.  Not only all our employees with their wives were invited but also all the building construction crew, delivery people of the company and any other “friends of the house.”
Since it was just three days before Christmas, we knew that many would have family and last minute shopping commitments.  But the buildings were not finished before then!
We were especially honored by the presence of  Mayor Bernhard Doll who was partially responsible for this project.  Also on hand were Gisela Weinreich, the well known glider pilot and her husband, Wolfgang, known widely as the president of the German Aero club and later as the president of the FAI.
In addition, our dealers came from all over Europe.
A red tape was cut and the building officially opened and my wife received a large key which she with some reservation gave over to me.
After the dinner I spoke about how this idea began and how it gradually took shape and finally became a reality.  It was a pleasure for me to relate how much co-operation I received from the various officials in this city as compared to the roadblocks I encountered in other cities.  The mayor was, of course, pleased to hear that and spoke after I did and wished us all success and luck.
A high point of the evening was my wife giving a speech about which I knew nothing of the content before hand.  She spoke first to the employees and told them that the factory was beautiful but it was now their job to make it a success.  I’m sure that we will accomplish that with our highly motivated crew if we get a some of what everybody needs: a small portion of luck.

Then she told of the yearning for luck that was common many years ago:  they counted clover leaves and whoever owned a pig was considered lucky. In bad times the pig could be slaughtered and no one in the family need starve.
Our musical group then played the Song of the Chimney Sweeper from “Mary Poppins”.  “Chim-Chimeny, Chim- Chimney” and then four chimney sweeps from our town appeared in their best uniforms.
Mr. Fitterer explained to us why his guild brought luck to people and then they handed out horseshoes to 160 guests. They were collected by a farrier from the East-Westfalian riding horses and my wife scrubbed them with a wire brush because they only bring luck if they are used but clean!

Later, as a parting gift, everyone was allowed to take from the Christmas tree a little satchel with a fast disappearing remembrance: a 10 Mark coin – one year before the Euro will come.  My wife had packed the 160 satchels in our living room!
We received from our employees two pair of roller blades in order to make fast trips from the offices to the production floors about 100 meters away!
Many of the guests said it was one of the best parties they had been to and this pleased the boss enormously!

I will hang my horseshoe in the new entrance hall and when you come to visit you will see it hanging there.  Maybe it will bring us some luck and

  • that it will protect us from work and flying related accidents,
  • that it will cause our suppliers to improve their products,
  • and that our customers will continue to like our products.

Then maybe we will be able to pay off the new factory but that’s a job for the next decades.

– fred by David Noyes, Ohio

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