Maintenance work on DG Aircraft

The regular checks that need to be done after 25 hours are detailed in the maintenance manual.

However, as we all know a picture says more than a thousand words – as they say in German – so we have created some pictures which are meant to complement the text in the manual.

These pictures should enable a qualified person to do the checks as described in the manual.
Please print the complete PDF and keep it somewhere safe (ideally with the glider) for when you or a certified workshop carry out the 25 h checks.

It might help ensure that the checks for a DG-808C or a DG-505MB are done thoroughly and nothing is missed out.

Translation: Claudia Buengen


In the maintenance manual it says very concisely:
“Once a year all bearings are to be cleaned and, if necessary, greased.”
But where are “all” the bearings?  Take a DG-808C as an example:

We have a gathered together complete documentation and pointed out all maintenance points.  Since the machines in the DG-800 series are very complex, the lubrication of most of the other DG types is somewhat less extensive.  In principle, the control systems in all of the DG gliders are similar.  So you could maintain, for instance, a DG-300 with a DG-800 maintenance manual.

Therefore, since you have probably not regularly inspected all of the maintenance points, you should download the PDF file, print it and take it to the airport.  It will take about two hours to check out completely the whole glider.

Lubrication of DG Aircraft

Consider this:
If you don’t specifically ask, the  inspector doing the annual will probably not do a complete lubrication of all bearings.  It really doesn’t matter if a particular bearing is lubricated only every other or even third year but if a control system doesn’t get greased for 15 years, you shouldn’t be puzzled when it becomes stiff or even freezes up.

Translation David Noyes, Ohio