DG-808C: The “Executive” Line and XL-Package

DG-808C: The “Executive” Line and XL-Package

A high performance sailplane – the dream in a pilot’s life

A new, high performance, sailplane is expensive for several well known reasons. Because of that, it is often simply outfitted as a sport machine. Even though it turns out to be neither beautiful nor comfortable, one does save a bit of money. The result looks like a Formula One race car.
One could also say that when you have already spent so much money, why not do something for the eye and comfort. Whichever view you take you have to decide for yourself. If you are of the second opinion, DG Flugzeugbau offers in the DG-808 several eye-catching options. In the Executive model, we offer the following extras:

Leather upholstery:

You can have the seat cushion as well as the side panels upholstered in high quality leather in any color of your choice; even matching your tail numbers.

Special fabric design

We now offer a special fabric instead of the “normal” cloth.  It is a very thick, soft upholstery material similar to that used on the seats of airliners.

Leather upholstery –
Lufthansa Business Class
Special fabric design old “normal” fabric design

CFK-Structure as Instrument-PanelInstrument panel with
CFK-structure or wood:
If you want, we can cover the instrument panel with a very fine CFK-structure or a wooden surface.

Cockpit Mit Alcantara Polstern, Instrumentenbrett mit Holz und Rechner-Fernbedienung




Remote controls on the joystick grip:

It’s very important to be able to control the gliding calculator from the stick grip. It is unreasonable to expect the pilot to constantly bend forward while flying to reach the instrument panel. With a central knob for the radio and 6 small buttons, you can control the flight directors made by Zander, LX and others from a comfortable flying position.

Especially for gliding calculators made by “Zander” there is a control stick available and very useful.

It is best design we could find. You can buy it in specialized shops of General Aviation and perhaps it is suitable for other calculators, too.

Polyurethane paint:

Instead of the normal exterior skin covering of Polyester Gel coat, we now offer polyurethane paint. This has the quality of auto paint with two important advantages: It does not yellow and does not crack in extreme temperatures. (high altitude wave flying) This solves the problems of many pilots.

Removable large tip wheel which is stow able in the glider:

This is a “must” when one needs a wing wheel for any purpose.

Jaxida All-Weather Fuselage and Wing Covers:

If you need covers for your glider you shouldn’t use just the normal simple cotton covers. Rather you should choose the “Jaxida-Cover” from Denmark. It is fascinating the way this company has produced so many good ideas for an otherwise simple product. These covers are really “made with love.” (DG has no connection with this company!)

Jaxida has an own homepage for their all-weather-covers.

Something to Make Assembly Easier:

Glider covers made by Jaxida have proved themselves to be so good that we can recommend them without reservation.  With these covers, you can leave your glider assembled outside for many days without bothering to disassemble when the weather is unsuitable for gliding.  During a vacation, I leave my glider assembled.  If you live in a region with mostly good weather, you can leave your glider outside the whole season.

In addition, the Spindelberger Company (Cobra trailers) makes a very clever assembly tool.  I have seen an older couple assemble their DG-505 themselves with one of these tools and without any need of my offered help.  And the assembly of a two-seater is considerably harder!  If you are somewhat older or have back problems, this is a very useful tool to have.
The Spindelberger Company writes in the prospectus:
In the photo our rigging aids –
All are capable of being folded and dismantled for storing in the trailer. On the left a rig that is mechanically adjustable in height and transverse, with two large tires for use on grass, and well aligned for precision work. Next to it our rig with electronic drive and push bottom remote control. You can stand at the fuselage and the wings can be moved back and forth, up and down. The rigging aid with its 5 swing wheels uses less space for assembly but is not so easily aligned. For most sailplanes additional pins on the sides are recommended for turning the wings. For rig with the smaller wheels design the ground should be as even as possible. On the extreme right our wing support. It is mechanically adjustable in height, with folding tripod, left of it the electrical version with remote cable control and own battery.
In the foreground the ground handling towing bar and wing dolly making it possible for one person with a car to tow the sailplane without a wing walker

Even better as the best rigging aid is to hang the glider in a crane – normally with covers!

The DG-808C  XL Packages:

We have put together some “XL Packages” for the DG-808C which contains the options we think are absolutely necessary equipment for the this motor glider.

  • electrical propeller brake
  • excentric assembly tool
  • EGT indicator – including 2 temperature probes to monitor the exhaust gas temperatures
  • additional batterie 7 Ah with switch
  • pneumatic switch for the Total Energie Probe
  • large wingtip-wheels with holder
  • removable wing dolly – foldable and to be stored in the baggage compartment
  • additional charging socket with circuit breaker

The “XL-Solar-package” includes a solar panel mounted on the fuselage or on the engine doors.

The “XL-Packet NOAH” includes the emergency exit aid NOAH.

The “XL-Packet NOAH – Solar” includes a solar panel mounted on the fuselage or on the engine doors
and the emergency exit aid NOAH.

Purchase of an XL Package saves you a lot of Euro over the cost of ordering these items individually.

The DG-808S  XL Package:

We offer this XL-package for a special price, too:

  • emergency exit aid NOAH
  • solar panels on the fuselage
  • excentric assembly tool
  • separate charging socket with circuit breaker

Purchase of an XL Package saves you a lot of Euro over the cost of ordering these items individually.