DG-505MB Two Seater

The self launching two seater sailplane of the new environmentally friendly generation

The DG-505MB is the latest version of the DG-500M. The power plant was designed using the concept of the DG-808B, but with a more powerful engine and a larger propeller (1.60m dia.). With the DG-505MB we are offering a two seater self launcher with low noise emission similar to the DG-808B. The DG-505MB can be delivered with a 22m wingspan or with a 20m span with winglets similar to the DG-500/20 Elan Winglets or with both options.

The engine

The engine SOLO 2625 was developed by the German company SOLO especially for self launching sailplanes with retractable power plant. Its main features are low weight, compact dimensions, dual ignition and long lifetime. A TBO of at least 400 hours running time is given without any limitation in years of operation. The version used in the DG-505MB produces a power of 47 kW (64 hp).

Environmentally friendly

It is advantageous that the engine produces the required power at only 6500 RPM. With the toothed belt reduction of 3:1 the propeller turns at only appr. 2170 RPM. The low propeller and engine speed produce low noise emission, since the noise increases excessively with RPM. The low frequency noise makes the engine sound agreeable and it will be drowned out by the ambient noise. Also the water cooling will cut off the emission of high frequencies out of the combustion chambers. Engine and exhaust system are located inside the fuselage, so the fuselage acts as a noise damping device and a large muffler can be installed as well.

Easy maintenance, compact unit

DG-505MB auf dem Ljuljana-AirportThe propeller mount is connected rigidly to the motor. For retraction the engine rotates inside the fuselage. With the propeller mount extended, all parts such as ignition, carburetors, water pump etc. which may need service are accessible. Removing the power plant from the fuselage, although easy, is only necessary for overhaul of the engine. Automatic power plant control
The DG-505MB is equipped with the same automatic power plant control as the DG-808B, which is only available with DG-motorgliders. In addition, an automatic fuel injection system, which is similar to the DG-500M and DG-808B, is installed for engine starting instead of a choke. This makes starting the two-stroke as easy as a modern car-engine.


DG sailplanes provide a high level of pilot safety features. We are involved in safety related research programs. The latest findings from these programs are adopted as soon as possible into series production. The powerful engine allows for a short take off roll and high climb rate. This is important especially for short runways at high altitudes. Further safety features are the dual ignition, the automatic control hook ups, the splendid visibility, the safety cockpit, the powerful air brakes and the high landing gear with large tire. All controls including the engine are operated with the left hand, which allows the right hand to remain on the control stick. Controls for all important functions including the engine are installed in both cockpits.

Comfort and independence

Thanks to its steerable nose wheel and the wing tip wheels the DG-505MB is fully maneuverable on the ground without the need for a helper. Superior gliding performance, fast roll rates, excellent visibility and comfortable seating will make flying the DG-505MB a thrilling experience of pure pleasure.
Thanks to the SOLO 2625 engine the DG-505MB is expected to be the two seater self launcher with shortest take off roll, highest climb rates and lowest noise emission. The DG-505MB is the right glider not only for competition pilots but especially for cross country safaris and for flying “just for fun”.

– w. dirks –