DG-1001M -Emergency Syst.

Emergency System for the DG-1001M

We recognized very early, that the Power Unit of the DG-1001M would be something completely new. The electric injection of the SOLO 2625 together with the revolutionary 5-belt drive that allows an elastically supported mounting of the engine will set new standards in technique and comfort compared to today’s self launchers.
For many years we have been well known for our safety awareness.   Naturally, this has continued during the development of the DG 1001M.

A very important aspect is the function of the electric fuel injection. It receives all necessary data from the rpm-sensor located next to the crank-shaft, a temperature sensor in the air-intake and a throttle potentiometer. If the rpm-sensor breaks down, it would cause the engine to stop because the electronic box would not get enough information.

Together with Schicke inc., the producers of the famous DEI and DEI-NT for many years now and SOLO inc., we have developed a system that can be switched on in case of an emergency.
The new system will ensure that the engine keeps on running without an rpm-sensor.We were entering new territory with this project so it is not surprising that the development took more time than we thought.
As we don’t want to sell safety as an optional extra, we decided that each DG-1001M would get such a system in series production. The high number of crashes during take-offs show that this point is very important.
At the moment, the most important step is to get all necessary data for the emergency box. The second step will be the possibility to switch between “normal” and “emergency” mode without deceleration.
The pictures show how important electronics are nowadays. We’ve heard the DG-1001M compared to a modern car, which would not function without hundreds of meters of cable inside it.

– Stefan Göldner – March 2010 –