A foldable and stowable wing dolly for taxiing

Despite the little wheels on the wing tips of a DG-808B, in higher grass many pilots prefer to roll to the starting point with the help of a wing-support-wheel. But when reached the starting point, where to go with the support-wheel?
Now we offer a solution, where a wing-support-wheel can be mounted on the wing-wheel-holder (must be the stronger version). This wheel is big enough to roll over uneven ground, except molehills.
At the taxi-holding position the pilot gets out of the plane, takes the wheel off, folds the linkage and fastens it with a provided bolt in the baggage compartment of the plane. After landing the support wheel can be mounted again and, if necessary, even a long distance to the trailer can be rolled.
In combination with our big steerable tail wheel this is another piece of independence with a DG-808B!

– W. Dirks –