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For many years, the DG1001 has been by far the most versatile aircraft on the double-seater market. Whether in training, on the track, or in aerobatics – the DG1001 family has a solution for every purpose. After the positive experiences in the LS8e neo, we wanted to be able to use the innovative FES propulsion system in the DG1001 as well. Together with a new outer wing and many  improvements in detail, the DG1001e neo was born.

FES System

The FES system (“Front Electric Sustainer”) was developed by the company LZ Design from Slovenia. It allows the DG1001e neo a firm climb rate and enough range to reach your homebase safely or to make a safe landing on a different airfield.

Unlike conventional sustainer systems, you ideally don’t fly in sawtooth flight with the FES propulsion system . Instead, you only use as much power as you need depending on the situation, as the power can be adjusted quickly and easily on the power controller.


The FES control unit “FCU” controls the whole system and informs the pilot about battery level, speed, power and other important parameters. To start the motor, simply activate the FES main switch and turn the speed control potentiometer.


The batteries are currently under developemnt and shall allow a range of round about 100km. They are charged within a few hours using the chargers included in the scope of delivery. Fast charging solutions are also available on demand.


The electric motor is virtually maintenance-free and has no service life limit. With full batteries, it has an output of approx. 25 – 30kW. The folding propeller is specially adapted to the shape of the DG1001e neo fuselage to influence the airflow as little as possible. The propeller with spinner and folding mechanism must be checked every 50 hours.

Standard Equipment

The DG-1001e neo is offered with the following standard equipment:

  • FES System / LZ Design
  • 2-blade folding propeller
  • 1 set of LiPo batteries 
  • FES control unit on both seats
  • 2x battery charger
  • discharge cable for FES batteries
  • connecting cable for FES batteries
  • 2x stainless steel boxes for battery transportation


  • new 20m outer wing with neo-winglets
  • 790kg MTOW
  • finish in T-35 UP pregelat
  • wings in carbon fibre construction
  • carbon fibre wings
  • wing parting
  • 160L water ballast system incl. fin tank
  • double storeyed air-brakes
  • large wheels on wing-tips
  • automatics hook-ups on all control surfaces
  • 3D tubulators and sealing of all control surfaces
  • trim weight box in vertical stabilizer
  • tail wheel
  • nose and CG hook
  • Piggott-Hook incl. parking brake
  • VHF-antenna
  • Prandtl-M-Adapter (ESA-Systems)
  • registration number (vinyl)
  • safety cockpit
  • prepared for installation of oxygen
  • 4-point schroth hernesses
  • energy absorbing seat cushions
  • head rests
  • canopy cover (cotton)
  • maidenflight done, ready for pick up at DG Flugzeugbau

Some of the most important options available for DG1001e neo

  • canopy warning
  • landing gear warning
  • 17,2m aerobatic wingtips
  • 18m neo winglets
  • add. backrest in front cockpit for small pilots
  • add. map pocket in rear cockpit
  • tail dolly
  • set of trim weights including wooden transport box
  • tie-down points on wings
  • Dolba BD12 FLARM antenna in vertical stabilizer
  • transponder preparation

More options available on demand.

We can send you an individual offer incl. avionics and trailer. Please contact our sales department for more details.


Press / Media

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Technical Details
wingspan m 17,2 18 20
wing area 16,3 16,72 17,53
aspect ratio / 18,15 19,38 22,82
length m 8,57 8,57 8,57
height m 1,8 1,8 1,8
max. speed km/h 270 270 270
water ballast in wings l 160 160 160
MTOW kg 750 750 790
MTOW for aerobatics CAT. A kg 630


FES System
motor / brushless motor / LZ Design
power kW ca. 25 – 30
propeller / 2-blades foldable propeller
battery (inside fuselage) / LZ Design / LiPo


Ingenious Combination

After the success of the LS8e neo with its simple and ingenious FES propulsion system, we started thinking about how to integrate this propulsion concept into the DG1001. At the same time we wanted to use our latest knowledge in the field of winglets and outer wings to further improve the flight characteristics.  Together with LZ Design from Slovenia we developed the DG1001e neo. The world’s first double-seater with FES in series production.

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Use Of The FES

The FES can be activated and deactivated in a very short time from the front as well as from the back seat. Stepless power control makes it possible to adjust the power of the system depending on the situation.

At low altitude, you first climb with increased power and a solid climb towards the next upwind. At a safe altitude, you reduce power and continue flying with about 8 kW. As soon as you have found a new climb, the FES can be switched off within a few seconds. This is the most efficient way to use the energy.

Usually, you always get home or at least reach an airfield. Outlandings belong to the past.

Keep it Simple

The simple and brilliant functional principle which is proven in the rc-model sector since decades was successfully adapted on sailplanes by LZ Design. Intuitive controls, simple handling and a low level of maintenance make this system the first choice among all sustainer systems.

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To activate the system you simply need to turn on the FES main switch and adjust the rpm needed on the FCU’s power-potentiometer. Instantly the electric motor will start to turn and allows a firm climb rate. The propeller blades remain open due to centrifugal force.

To switch-off the propulsion system you set motor power back to zero. The FCU will automatically stop the motor and align its propeller. Airstream pushes back the blades to the fuselage and by turning-off the FES main switch the system is deactived.


Enjoy The neo Feeling

The new outer wing with neo winglet has been designed with new profiles from the separation point onwards. It gives more feedback in thermals and improves handling and climb. The new design fits perfectly to the silhouette of the DG-1001 and underlines the sporty look. Experience the neo feeling with a wingspan of 20m!

Flexible Like No Other

The DG1001e neo was developed with a focus on cross-country flying. Therefore, the 20m neo outer wings are part of the serial standard. But the aircraft can also be used for aerobatics and training.

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In order to maintain versatility of the DG1001e neo, especially in the club, the aircraft with 17.2m ends can still be used for aerobatics. For this, only the FES batteries have to be removed to comply with the weight limits of the structure.

Pilot Training with FES?

Many clubs are struggling with declining student and member numbers. To counteract this development, fast learning success is important. The faster the student progresses, the greater the likelihood that he or she will complete the training and remain with the club. This is exactly where the DG1001e neo comes in.

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Not every airfield has good thermal conditions. Often many take-offs are necessary to teach the important basics, especially at the beginning of the training.

With the DG1001e neo you have the possibility to make extended training flights out of short pattern flights and to impart the practical knowledge effectively. If you only use the FES for a short time during each take-off, you will safely reach a thermal and can effectively perform the exercises. Even if there are no thermals on a weak day, you can maintain altitude and exercise manoeuvres.

The result is an increased learning success, increased enjoyment of the training and a reduction in the training time.

Those who prefer a low entry can also order the DG1001e neo with a low, mechanically operated, retractable landing gear.

Flying Without Limits!

The DG1001 can be equipped with a handicap system in its version with fixed or electrically operated landing gear. The lever on the left side of the cockpit, which is otherwise used for the manual retractable undercarriage, is used for rudder control and enables people with handicap to enjoy the beauty of our sport.

Tip: Many organisations and countries support handicap sport.


neo winglets

The neo-winglets especially improve climb and handling at high wing loadings. They also show their advantages in dynamic cruise flight.


Landing gear

The large main landing gear with 5" main wheel improves the angle of attack during take-off and increases comfort. In the event of a crash, it absorbs a lot of energy to protect the pilots.


Battery box

Both FES batteries are housed in the rear of the fuselage. The cover with a snap-on system allows the batteries to be inserted without tools.



The typical DG cockpit envelops the pilot in a sporty ambience. The comfortable seating position in both cockpits allows long flights without fatigue.