After the DG-1000T propeller shaft broke in two independent cases, Solo Aircraft Engines developed a new shaft, using a material with improved fatigue properties. For this event Solo issued a technical note, followed by a DG service info, which explains the procedure of inspecting the existing shaft for hair-line cracks or preferably exchanging the assembly by one using the new shaft.

Unfortunately also this new shaft failed in two recent cases. Of course Solo will issue a new technical note.

Until the time these measures are in place we urgently advise all owners of a DG-1000T to refrain from using their engines. Solo will work on the solution in cooperation with DG and a DG service information will inform all DG-1000T users as soon as the information becomes available.

In the meantime EASA has issued an A/D, to prohibit the usage of the engine until SOLO has solved the problem. This is according to our own recommendations.

Please read the Service-Info with the A/D attached.