Winter Maintenance

“Autumn leaves are falling and the workshop is calling! “

What to think about regarding Winter Maintenance:

  • Quite a few years ago we put together an article describing the maintenance work on a glider – in this case a DG-808. You might even remember the article.
  • There are still lots of older gliders that can get safety improvements through some rather simple modifications.
    This is especially true for the special hood pin, the Roeger Hook, that can prevent head injuries in an emergency jettison of the canopy.
    As described in our Technical Notes the Roeger Hook can be retrofitted in older DG and LS aircrafts. For LS gliders it is mandatory until March 31st.
  • We also recommend installation of the so called “Piggott Hook”, which prevents the air brakes from being inadvertently sucked out when starting with unlocked air brakes.
    DG-200/400/800 can all be retrofitted with this device.
    And the material needed is quite inexpensive – your life is NOT!
  •   The NOAH system is slowly gaining popularity as an easy to install, non-disruptive and inexpensive rescue system.
    Technical Notes on this are available for all DG and LS single seaters. A retrofit is also in this case highly recommended.
  •   During the winter, we refinish many older gliders. Our workshop performs such work with our famous “DG-quality” for all types of aircrafts and any paint system.
  •   We and our representatives with repair shop also perform complete maintenance work on your airplane, or “just” an Annual Inspection if you so prefer. The last few years our service department has been significantly expanded just to be able to serve you with these kinds of services.

Please contact Frank Goetze for an appointment.

– friedel weber –
Translation: Lars Erik Lundin, CA