Pilots on LS Aircraft were able to achieve lots of victories during the last days! Congratulations to all of you for this big success!

Junior World Gliding Championships, Pociunai, Club-Class:

2. Place: Paul Altricher, LS4

Junior World Gliding Championships, Pociunai, Std.-Class:

1. Place: Sjoerd van Empelen, LS8
3. Place: Joris Vainius, LS8

Seven LS8 in Top 10!

Junior Championships in Grabenstetten, Club-Class:

1. Place: Matthias Arnold, LS1-f neo
2. Place: Max Mensing, LS1-f
3. Place: Christoph Kahler, LS4

Junior Championships in Grabenstetten, Std.-Class:

1. Place: Dennis Leip, LS8
2. Place: Philipp Kapferer, LS8

Seven LS8 reached Top 10!

 Gollenberg Cup, Club-Class:

1. Place: Philip Goralski, LS1-f
2. Place: Etienne Dollhausen, LS1-f

 Gollenberg Cup, Std.-Class:

1. Place: Dennis Polej, LS8
2. Place: Nils Schlautmann, LS8
3. Place: Julius Gäde, LS8

Seven LS8 in Top 10!

 Junior Championships in Achmer, Club-Class:

1. Place: Philipp Lauer, LS4-b
2. Place: Andre Thorben, LS1-c
3. Place: Christian Harms-Zumbrägel, LS1-d

Junior Championships in Achmer, Std.-Class:

1. Place: Simon Briel, LS8
2. Place: Laurenz Theisinger, LS8-neo
3. Place: Nils Koster, LS8

Eight LS8 in Top 10!

 Junior Championships in Leverkusen, Club-Class:

1. Place: Max Böswald, LS4
2. Place: Tobias Pachowsky, LS4

Intern. Military Gliding Competition in Holzdorf, Club-Class:

1. Place: Karl-Heinz Pfeiffer, LS1-f neo

Dutch Junior Nationals:

1. Place: Maurits Hebels, LS4