During Aero Exhibition in Friedrichshafen last week, we got notice that our new LS4 neo winglets are officially certified now!

With TN4049 the new wingtips can be attached to every type of LS4. Furthermore TN4049 comes with the following changes:

  • maximum weight of non-lifting parts increases from 230kg to 250kg
  • maximum cockpit load increased (depending on weight of non-lifting parts)
  • maximum water ballast limited to 112 litres

Especially for clubs this is wonderful news because LS4 with limited cockpit load can now fly with heavier pilots again.

Technical questions may be directed to Sebastian Tschorn and Dirk Ströbl, our specialists for LS aircraft.

For offers and orders you may contact our Spare Parts Service.

More information about winglets in the neo series can be found in our new flyer.