Congratulations to Simon Schroeder for winning Standard Class and Maximilian Dorsch for winning Club-Class during the German Junior Championships in Grabenstetten!


With constantly good results during the whole competition including two day victories, Simon was able to catch the top quite early in this competition flying a LS8 neo. In good as well as in bad weather conditions the LS8 neo was able to show its full potential on all competition days. Simon was more than satisfied with his glider. In total, 2/3 of all contestants chose the LS8 to fly the championships, lots of them heavily modified with parts such as the neo winglets or a small tail wheel




Maximilian Dorsch, Tobias Pachowsky and Philipp Lauer filled up the podium with their LS4. After a good second place on day 1, followed by a day win on day two Maximilian showed strong consistency during the rest of the competition which rightly allowed him to catch the trophy in Club-Class. All three top pilots had a long fight throughout the whole competition and can be very proud of their performance! LS gliders are first choice in Club-Class as well. Seven of the top ten pilots were flying LS aircraft. Next season will be interesting, when we start selling the new neo Winglets for LS4 .