The tragic and unfortunately fatal accident involving a DG-800 B at the regional championships at the Sion airfield last May was recently the subject of an interim report published by the Swiss Safety Investigation Service (SUST) recently published an interim report. During the examination of the destroyed glider, it was noticed that at least two lock nuts in the primary control system were loose. The report makes it clear, and we can confirm this, that the loosened lock nuts were not the cause of the accident.

  1. the loose lock nuts do not pose a direct danger. An adjustment of the control or the loss of connection in the linkage are impossible!
  2. the lock nuts take the thread play out of the control. If the lock nut is loose, there is a minimal increase in play in the control.  Even this slightly increased play does not pose any direct danger.

Nevertheless, we would like to draw the attention of all pilots / owners to the fact that a check or retightening of all lock nuts must be carried out at the latest as part of the next maintenance / annual check.

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