With an average speed of more than 141km/h Holger Back catched the daily victory in German Gliding Bundesliga on Sunday. This high speed impressively shows that the LS8-e neo’s performace remains excellent despite of the FES propeller folded to the fuselage.

On Saturday the weather was already good allowing a couple of 1000km flights to be performed above Germany. But Sunday was predicted to have better weather in a larger area. A cloud base of more than 2600m and climb rates above 5m/s made the day the best of the year so far.

Taking-off very late, Holger decides to go for a good rank in the German Bundesliga. A good ranking requires a high average speed in a window of 2,5 hours. The task started at Bruchsal airfield. With his LS8-e neo “71” Holger flew to Bamberg in the North of Nuernberg. Despite of the head wind, he was able to set a high speed due to wonderful cloud streets and high average climb rates. The next turn-point was close to Pirmasens in the very West of Germany. Back in Bruchsal Holger closed the flight with an average speed of 141km/h. What a day!

A last trip to Wallduern allowed completing a 830km OLC-Plus flight with 130km/h average speed! What if he had taken-off earlier!? 

With Stefan Goeldner and Dirk Stroebl two more DG employees were able to fly more than 120km/h with their LS8 neo.

71 flights above 1000km and countless flight close to this distance show how really good this day was. Alexander Mueller marked the top of the ranking with his EB-29 and more than 1.300km. But the second rank is maybe even more impressive. Eric Schneider from Hammelburg flew 1.116km with an LS8 neo!

Holgers Back’s brother Jochen finished the first 1000km flight of his career on LS10 “71” taking-off in Nastaetten, close to Frankfurt. Well done!

We send out best regards and congratulations to all Pilots!