Last week we delivered the first LS8-sc neo to her new proud owner Raphael Twardowski. We wish Raphael lots of unforgettable, nice flights and lots of success during upcoming competitions! You can find some impressions of the new LS8 version in the gallery below.

The LS8-sc neo achieved great results since its introduction. Handling as known from previous  LS8 models has been improved thanks to the new neo winglets. Extensive serial equipment satisfies competition pilots as well as clubs and private owners. Here is a short summary of the LS8-sc neo’s serial equipment:

  • 15m wing span with new neo winglets
  • Small Tost tail wheel (Ø150mm) including new aerodynamic fairing
  • Large instrument panel
  • All ruders sealed competition ready
  • Parking brake
  • Wheel brake connected with air brake handle
  • Mandl-Suction
  • Sustainer Engine Preparation
  • 5″ landing gear
  • Wing parting for 18m in series
  • LS-10 safety cockpit and interior
  • 190l water ballast system including 7,5l fin tank
  • Tail battery box.