How to bring and pick-up aircraft and possibilities to cross the borders with COVID-19 limitations

Even in times with Corona restrictions, foreign customers still have the possibility to bring and pick-up aircraft at DG.

The most important thing is that a visible trade can be proven. For this case DG Flugzeugbau can send you documentation proving that transportation to or from the factory is necessary. On road we do not recommend to use a camper van because this looks too much like a holiday trip. 

Some days ago we were able to bring a sailplane from Slovenia to Germany. Apart from intensive border controls which take time, there was no problem crossing the borders.

Please investigate carefully which rules are currently valid in each country during Corona. You may also get important help and tips from the chambers of commerce and the governmental departments in charge.

We need to point out that this advise is not a guarantee for success.

All countries have released different rules during the Corona crisis which may change on a daily basis.