Congratulations to our friend and colleague Dirk Ströbl who has won the 25m class at the 51st Klippeneck contest with his LS8-neo! Most of our customers might know Dirk as licensed inspector working with DG Flugzeugbau’s service team. Flying together with Philipp Söll (runner-up) the two FLG Blaubeuren pilots dominated the competition. Wouter van Essen who flies for FSV Nürtingen came in third in the 15m class flying a LS8-neo. During the Klippeneck contest, standard and racing class were combined to compete in a 15m class. However most pilots had decided to take a classic standard class sailplane to the race.




In the club class Adrian Tschui came in second with his LS 4, followed by Guido Halter on DG-300 who climbed the third place on the podium.

We wish good luck to all pilots and hope you may all enjoy some more good flights during the remaining season!