Every other year glider pilots are invited to enjoy the sailplane exhibition in a huge hangar at the AERO in Friedrichshafen. Following the tradition, DG Flugzeugbau again presented their latest products. This year our DG-1001Club neo was one of the highlights at our booth. The glider which visitors were invited to explore at our exposition was one out of four double seaters which were built to fly with France Gliding Services at the Centre National de Vol à Voile in St. Auban. These ships will serve for the training of new Air France pilots.

A real eye catcher was another sailplane at our booth: our brand new LS8-e neo. An LS8-sc neo equipped with the innovative electrically driven “FES” by LZ-Design from Slovenia. The glider’s outstanding performance combined with a simple and exceptionally reliable propulsion system is not only a great idea for clubs and recreational glider pilots; it is also an attractive deal for cross country and contest pilots.

Those visitors who were interested in upgrading their older sailplane models could learn more about DG Flugzeugbau’s services at the AERO. Therefore we provided information about our neo winglet family. Meanwhile we are offering these new winglets for a number of different models. A great way to upgrade performance and look of your old but valuable glider and a fairly economic but distinct improvement of your ship.

A big thank you to those many customers and visitors who stopped by at our booth! This year’s exhibition was again a big pleasure.

We whish you all a good launch into the 2019 soaring season, successful flights and always happy landings!